Musicians Making More Music!

Beginning March 23, 2020 all lessons will be conducted online. While this doesn't work well for rural musicians or musicians who are away from their instrument more than usual due to child care, it's imperative all musicians stay at the piano so they don't lose the skills they developed this year. To help keep piano fresh and fun in this time of online learning, the Musicians Making More Music program will give parents and musicians tools and incentives to be at the piano, be creative, stay in touch with their teacher and continue learning!

Musicians Make More Music (4M) will ask students to text, email, post or call to receive and share accomplishments. Even snail mail can work for many of the ever-growing list of tasks where students will accumulate points. Students who are taking online lessons may share their accomplishments during the lesson.

Every 50 points earned will earn an entry into the weekly Monday drawing for $5 CASH! And when the 4M program concludes, there will be additional prizes!

How to share recordings:

  • Whatever is most comfortable and practical for you is fine! Text, email, post to the MMS Facebook page, share a Google Drive link, share a Dropbox link or create a YouTube channel and upload your recording - make it unlisted - and send your teacher the link. 
  • Or simply call your teacher and play for her (or her voicemail)! Be sure to introduce yourself and your piece if you leave a voice mail!

It's easy to earn 4M points!

5 Points for each of these:

  • Enjoy a 4M Listening Lab assignment (5 per week will be provided) and text or email the Listening Lab questions you completed. Double points if you grab one or more family members to listen with you and have them also complete the Listening Lab sheet!
  • Complete the Composer Biography questions for any (or all) of the week's Listening Lab assignments and earn 5 points per composer!
  • Text, email or call your teacher for music for a favorite song you wish to learn. Depending on the request and the musician, your teacher will provide a chord chart, lead sheet or piano solo arrangement that is appropriate for the musician.
  • Teach a family member! Great beginner subjects are Keyboard Topography (the music alphabet on the keys), note values, the first songs in your first lesson book. Text or email your teacher telling her who was your student and what you taught them!
  • Improv! Have fun creating at the piano and when you come up with something your really like, capture 15 seconds in a video to text or email your teacher - or call your teacher and play it for her (or her voicemail!).
  • Text, email or call your teacher to request a recording of a duet for a piece you enjoy and have learned. This way you can still play duets with your teacher at home!
  • Learn what Bartolomeo Cristifori invented and text, email or call your teacher to tell what he invented and approximately what year!
  • Rank up in Piano Maestro! Your teacher will be checking ranks every Sunday. Be sure to have your device connected to wifi and you must force-close the app (double-tap the home button and swipe the app up) to upload your progress to the Piano Maestro servers so your teacher can see your rank improve!
  • Text, email or call your teacher for a theory assignment which you can either complete online or send snap a picture of your completed assignment and text or email it back.
  • Record your performance of a rhythm sheet (reach out if you need a new unit).
  • Record your performance of your Keyboard Karate assignment.
  • Text, email or call your teacher with a suggestion of a new 4M challenge. Double points if your suggestion gets added to the program!
  • Text, email or call your teacher for an app assignment. Tell her which apps you have from the recommended list:
Apple iPad only
Piano Maestro*
Apple and Android
Note Rush
Apple and Android
Apple and Android
Most Addicting Sheep Game
Rhythm Swing
Rhythm Cat
Apple and Android
Flashnote Derby
Apple and Android
Ear Cat
Apple and Android
Treble Cat
Apple and Android
Bass Cat
Apple and Android
Music Tutor
Waay - great for teens!

*Be sure to get connected to your teacher's account if you are new to Piano Maestro. Each musician should have their own account, be sure that siblings are not sharing an account. Betsy's teacher email account (only for Piano Maestro) is Reach out for more information on how to connect your musician if you're having trouble.

25 Points for each of these:

  • Text or post to the MMS Facebook page a picture of your Perfect Piano Posture setup at home (one-time entry). Each musician requires their own unique setup for correct height, bench distance and foot support. Musician elbows should be at the level of the key tops. Bench distance is judged by doing "knucks" with the fallboard of the piano (fisted, straight arms should reach the back of the keys) and musician should be seated on the front half of the piano bench. Foot support is often needed to keep the torso straight and enable the musician to feel secure on the bench - the feet and legs must be able to stabilize the body. 90% of musicians are seated too low and too close to the piano!
  • Think of someone you know who needs a "happiness infusion" and make their day by playing a mini-recital for them. Text or email your teacher to tell her who you called and what you played!
  • Share your performance of a completed piece. Be sure to introduce yourself and your piece, including the composer and what book it is from, before you begin playing! Need new music? Reach out to your teacher!
  • Memorize an old piece that your teacher has not heard you play from memory! Send a video of you playing your memorized piece. 
  • Have an original tune in your fingers or circling in your head? Write it down! Reach out to your teacher for staff paper sources or free software/app suggestions. Send your teacher your completed composition! Double points if you record and share a performance of you playing your composition! Click here to download a staff paper PDF or let Betsy know to mail some to you if you cannot print at home.
  • Write original lyrics to a piece you have learned and send them to your teacher. If you write the lyric into the music, just snap a picture! You don't have to type them.