Recital participation is not required but strongly encouraged! It's designed to be a fun, relaxed event where performances are shared with studio families and friends and growth is celebrated. The goal of the recital is to increase a musician's comfort in sharing music and prepare a piece to a level of confidence that performance will be enjoyable and not stressful.   

What to Bring

Performers should bring their music, even if they intend to perform from memory. Occasionally nerves will take over and the reassurance of the music being on the rack can help a student overcome that moment of panic. If you signed up to bring refreshments, then don't forget those on the kitchen counter as you're hurrying everyone out the door! Oh, and make sure you have your camera of choice for videos and/or still pictures. 


The recitals are "dressy casual" for student performers. Nails should be well trimmed (shorter than the tip of the finger) and no dark finger nail polish which may transfer to the piano keys. Bracelets should not be worn, as they may clink on the piano. Skirts or dresses should be long enough to provide modesty when seated at the piano (please defer to the school dress code as an excellent guide).

Warm-up opportunities

The church will be available 30 minutes prior to recital with multiple practice instruments available for warm-ups.

Handicap Accessibility

The handicap entrance is on the west side of the church. Limited parking is available on the ramp, so if possible please drop off guests who will appreciate the barrier-free entrance but then park on the surface lot.

Refreshment Donors

Thank you for your generosity in quickly offering to contribute to our reception treats! Please bring your bars or cookies to the refreshment counter in the gathering space.

Student Seating During Recital

Students will remain seated with their family throughout the recital where they will be most at ease and have good supervision. I will not announce students individually. To help keep the recital moving there will be no intermission. Please refrain from entering or leaving the sanctuary during a student's performance. If at all possible, wait for the transition time between performers to move in or out if absolutely necessary.

Photography or Video Recording

There is a special seat designated for a parent of the performer to give an unobstructed view for recording or photographs during their performance. Please do not use a flash during the recital. Following the recital there will be group photos as well as opportunities for individual photos at the grand piano.