Summer Camps

Email now to register for camps!

Registration closes June 7th to allow time for camp instrument acquisition.
Kickoff a summer at the piano! The Intro to 🎹Camp will serve as a fun jump start to summer lessons or just tryout piano for a couple days.
Learning as a group is fun and much less intimidating to begin piano studies. Registration is limited to 4 campers per session and there will be a 2:1 teacher-student ratio thanks to a super capable camp helper! Each camper will have their own instrument for maximum playing time each day and we will be rocking the camp feel in our garage for fresh air.
Camp objectives include basic note values, music alphabet, finger numbers, keyboard topography, steps and skips, with a goal of learning at least 10 songs during the week! Off-bench activities will be included to support objectives and provide wiggle breaks.
$90 camp tuition includes:
1. Piano Pronto lesson book ~ $9 value
2. Supplemental materials such as rote pieces and daily take-home summaries ~ $4 value
3. Free 12-month subscription to the Piano Maestro app (iPad only) ~ $120 value ($9.99/mo)
4. Kickstarting a lifelong love of making music ~ priceless

Grungy garage tools or musical instruments? Both, when you have a Garage Band!
Each musician will bring home a pair of drum sticks and a 5-gallon bucket – all which they will decorate to be as uniquely their own. We will also explore timbre and various percussion “instruments” to make our rhythm ensembles: scrapers, shakers, cymbals and cowbells plus different sizes of drums. I will be raiding our shop for clean, safe instruments! I especially can’t wait to hear the scoop shovel solo.
During our four 1-hour-long camps we will use our ears and eyes to hear and see rhythms we will play in unison starting with just with our buckets. As we progress we will add more complex and varied rhythms and creative instruments to develop full rhythm ensembles!
Camp will be held in our home garage and yard. Four Thursdays in July, July 8-29. Ages 5-8 will meet from 1-2pm and ages 9+ will meet from 2:15-3:15pm. The cost for the four weeks is $70 due at registration. Registration is limited to 6 campers per age group but more groups can be added if needed.
Registration will close July 1st.