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March Composer of the Month: Bela Bartok

Thursday, March 1, 2018 by Betsy Breaker | Uncategorized

Good morning!

My website has been updated with a biography of Bela Bartok and a link to a recording of Bartok playing one of my favorite pieces. I know several families have been making a point of keeping up with these music history lessons at home.

Don't forget about Performance Club tomorrow, please RSVP if you haven't already!

Take me to the composer page: Bela Bartok


Performance Club Reminder

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 by Betsy Breaker | Uncategorized

It’s Performance Club this week!,Friday from 3:20-4:30! It’s our last club gathering before the recital rehearsal.

Students will be selecting pieces themselves for recital. It is most important to me that they perform something they want to share. If they’re undecided I may nudge them into the piece I feel is best-prepared, if there’s a difference. 

First year students, especially, we often make last minute decisions on pieces because they are often learning 2-3 new pieces every week. 

Please RSVP for your student for Friday, and if you are able to be a parent helper Friday that would be much appreciated!!


Keyboard Karate this Friday!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 by Betsy Breaker | Uncategorized

We begin at 3:20 and run until 4:30. Students who have completed a level in their Keyboard Karate charts (this is their scales, chords and arpeggios) since our last quarterly gathering will receive their new ribbons. The rest of the time is snacks, social, games and - of course - Educational Food Playing.

There are no performances, just a whole lot of fun! Please RSVP to this email or via the portal if you've not already done so.

Are you able to stay and help out? I like to have one additional adult here in case of emergency. There's really no work involved, you just need to physically BE here. Let me know if you're available!

Thank you,